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Henriette Müller writes contemporary music influenced by jazz for small groups and works for large ensembles and choirs, often performing the music herself:

In Europe, her compositions were performed with John Tchicai (Århus International Jazz Festival 1991), drummer Ed Ware (1994) and in different trios with Ray Kaczynski, Bill Elgart, Carlos Bica, with Czech guitarist/singer Dagmar Andrtovà at St. Rochus Church in Prague in 1997 and 1998 and with Johannes Bockholt and Simon Pauli since 1999.

In New York, her music was performed in clubs like the Five Spot and the Knitting Factory (with Jeff Brillinger, Peter Herbert, Ben Allison, Rez Abassi and others). In May 1996, her work was featured in the World Beat Series at the Guggenheim Museum in four concerts with Jim Black and Tony Scherr during the show "Abstraction in the 20th Century".

She has been developing a unique musical style of her own, beyond categories such as "classical", "new music" or "jazz".

You can order sheet music for the compositions if you are interested in performing them. Please contact me.

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