the studio is a place of inspiration and creativity. Intaglio, monotypes, oil and acrylic paintings, water colours, drawings, nude sketches, even installations and sculptures

International mail art project "That's my milieu" in Berlin

For Juliana Hellmundt's new mail art project 2019 'That's my milieu' which was inspired by Heinrich Zille, I created biographical sketches: A foto of studio equipment in storage and an object "Sinking studio". Due to having to work too often in what I call "money jobs", space (and time) for our creative work is precarious and precious and in danger of disappearing. The opening on November 11 was part of the very last group show of Kunstetagen Pankow (where I had a studio for a few years in the past)

International mail art project "That's my milieu" in Berlin

A new mail art project curated by Juliana Hellmundt was shown from 16.11. to 22.12.2019 in Berlin

"Dissolution" - Paintings

show from 4.11. to 8.12.2017; coverage in Heute-Journal

Show of prints near Berlin

Exhibition "Prints from three decades" from 06.05. to 23.07.17 in Hartmannsdorf