the studio is a place of inspiration and creativity. Intaglio, monotypes, oil and acrylic paintings, water colours, drawings, nude sketches, even installations and sculptures and objects are created

Silent auction for the benefit of MSF raised 1050€

A silent auction of my painting "Blue with yellow - from the gauze series" in March 2022 raised 1050€ for the benefit of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) as a small gesture of support. Information about MSF's current Ukraine projects here

As I am in favour of immediate negotiations for peace in the Ukraine, I include some links:

Here is Jeffrey Sachs' clear, partly emotional appeal on Reaching a Just and Lasting Peace in Ukraine, in a webinar by the IPB (International Peace Bureau) on 25.01.23

And his article A Mediator's Guide to Peace in Ukraine

Open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz by many famous (and not so famous) people (29.04.2022)

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Silent auction for the benefit of MSF raised 1050€

links to appeals for peace in the Ukraine

Book "Time out for the mind" now available!

Paintings and a reflection on meditation

"meditation" - paintings

online-show of paintings 18.10.-15.11.2020 was a success